Student testimonials

James Frazier


Everyone says that CELTA will reinforce your existing skills and teach valuable new ones to develop your career in a way that no other certification can do. While my experience at Tenidiomas in Jerez confirmed what I'd been hearing for a long time about the professional value of the course, what stood out the most was the support I received and how natural everything else felt as a result. The small class size and informal setting let me quickly bond with my tutors and classmates; we were all in it together, we took something new and valuable out of every day and there was never any doubt that we were working toward something that would put us at the top level of the international English teaching community. Is it challenging? Yes. Will it make you a stronger both professionally and personally? Absolutely. 

Liz Cosgrove


I'm delighted to have done the CELTA course at TENidiomas because not only did I expand my knowledge of the practice of teaching English but I did it in an extremely supportive and professional environment. The tutors encouraged all the students to achieve their fullest potential and were always available for advice. Having the CELTA qualification has been a benefit to me working internationally because it is so highly regarded in the ESL world. Many thanks to all at TENidiomas for helping me improve my career opportunities, I'd highly recommend the course to anyone interested in advancing their ESL career.

George Olickal


Celta is an interesting and interactive course that allows you to be a confident, professional and effective English teacher. After an initial shock of the enormous amount of work that awaited me in just four weeks, I decided to face the challenge and came out with success and satisfaction. Thanks to the trainers, Rachel and Milada, and the friendly atmosphere at Tenidiomas in general, I can positively recommend this course to anyone who is willing to work hard and be a confident, successful English teacher.

Katie Richardson


It is important to understand the intensive nature of the CELTA course requires the dedication of all of your time during the 4 weeks (including weekends). The course is well structured and helps you develop your planning and teaching effectively. The instructors are extremely supportive and organised, and they clearly deliver coursework and assignment expectations. The instructors are always available to provide help and advice. The course is demanding, however the time spent teaching is very rewarding and your fellow CELTA course students will become like your family, providing motivation and support.
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